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GCDesign, by Diana Giuliani and Alessandro Calabrò architects, deals with urban planning and architectural design. The firm works on urban and architectural design either independently or with  professionals and company.

In particular, among the different experiences includes:

- consultancy work for local authorities for integrated and regeneration programs such as II edition of District Contracts (Contratti di Quartiere II) and Urban Requalification Programs (PRUs);

- design and consulting for the activation of processes
enhancement and development of underdeveloped areas;

- consultancy work for local authorities for the drafting of urban municipal size plan or executive sectorial plans;

- consultancy work for territorial planning projects, aimed at protection of soil and environment, for territorial institutions;

- design and oversee for housing and renovation building;

- participation in working groups for the drafting of several feasibility studies whose are organized by CIPE (Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning) and for the establishment of the Society of Urban Transformation - STU;

- preparing technical descriptive documentation, on assignment of local authorities, required by invitations for european, statal and regional funding (Feasibility studies, Local Agenda 21, Program Culture 2007 - 2013, Life Plus 2007 -2013, SPD calls, etc..)

- implementation and use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for public institution as well as for company.








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